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Why a Field Trip?
From “Old MacDonald” through photosynthesis, kids are exposed to agricultural topics every step of the way. Yet most students, particularly in cities and suburbs, have never set foot on a farm. Visiting a farm will help make students’ other subjects come alive. For young kids, it is a great way to experience the wonder of nature and how food grows. For older students, farm visits are a way for educators to showcase the connections between the food we eat, the environment, and local farms.

Field Trip Options

Farm visits are a fun and hands-on way for students to learn where their food comes from.  From June through October, students will have the opportunity to harvest their own crops and bring them home.

An extra option is a hayride, in which we lead a tour of the farm on the back of the tractor. Some of the sites you may see on a hayride include our flocks of approximately 1000 layer hens, and our fruit orchards and vegetable fields.".

Depending on the season and availability, pick your own options may include: apple, pumpkins, strawberries and other fruit. Donuts, cider or other seasonal refreshments may also be available.
Children’s groups must be accompanied by adult chaperones. Groups should call at least a week in advance to schedule a trip.

To Schedule a Trip

To schedule a field trip, email us at, or call the office at (845) 897-4377.

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