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Fishkill Farms
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Fishkill Farms
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Fishkill Farms is:

Josh Morgenthau—Owner/Operator

Mark Doyle—Business Manager

Katherine Grealish—Market and Pick Your Own Manager

Eddie Clevenger—Production Manager

Elizabeth Miller—Accounts Manager

Robin Brown — Farm Crew Leader

Desmond Ellis—Pest Management & Horticulture

George Simpson—Land & Facilities Maintainance

Jess Clancy—Vegetable Production & Packing Operations

Kelly Clevenger—Good Eggs, Wholesale, and CSA Coordinator

Julie Vanderlee—Director of Community Engagement, CSA & Wholesale Administrator

William McCaffrey—Orchard Specialist

Jamie Dea—Farmers' Market Manager

Henry Williams—Farm Crew

Rohan Chamberlain—Farm Crew & Grill Chef

Andre Bryden—Farm Crew

Hubert Cooley—Farm Crew


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